Developing Your Brand's Personality Through Video


Imagine your brand has a personality. How would you describe that personality? Are there things you can imagine it saying? Ways you can picture it behaving? What would it wear? What would it swear it would never do? 

One of the most helpful questions we ask our clients when we first begin to craft their filming style, is to define the personality of their brand. Immediately, a picture begins formulating in our minds that sets a course for the camera angles we choose, the props we suggest, the editing techniques we utilize. 

The beautiful thing about creating video content for your brand is that you get to actively share it’s personality. Videos are arguably the most dynamic, in-depth form of communication you have with your audience, outside of meeting them face-to-face. 

You’ve given your audience a chance to meet you through your photography, your styling, your blog post content, your recipes, now consider the ways you can meet them through the video content you create. Take some time to put your brand’s personality into words, then brainstorm how you can show your audience those traits.

Maybe your brand is whimsical and sassy, could you find some quirky editing techniques to have some fun? Perhaps it’s cool and professional, what background would reflect that feeling to your audience? Or maybe it’s relaxed and charming, have you considered incorporating slow motion or handheld footage into your videos? 

Whatever your brand’s personality, help your audience connect by allowing it to shine through on screen!

Want to know more about creating awesome videos for your brand? Check out our Food Video School (created in partnership with Minimalist Baker) or contact us for more information about working together!

Laura HellerComment